Treatment of cervical polyps in Minsk

Often the polyp does not have clinical manifestations and is detected during a gynecological examination, at the same time, contact bloody spotting can be observed. Inflammatory changes are often found in polyps; in case of malnutrition, edema, hemorrhages, and necrosis can develop in them.

Cervical polyps are often combined with other various pathologies of the cervix and diseases of other genital organs.

Depending on the ratio in the polyp of fibrous and glandular tissue, glandular, glandular-fibrous and fibrous polyps are distinguished. Polyps are advised for mandatory removal with histological investigation.

The results of a histological examination are the basis for planning further observation and treatment. Relapses of polyps are observed in 10% of cases, due to hormonal disorders and concomitant inflammatory changes.

In case of detecting cervical polyps, an obligatory additional research method is colposcopy.

The colposcopic method is a visual examination of the external genitalia, vaginal mucosa and cervix using a device with a special optical system that allows to examine objects with the magnification of 10-30 times.

When cervical polyps are identified, hysteroscopy and separate diagnostic curettage, or hysteroresectoscopy, are indicated.


1 day (arrival, appointment with the doctor, delivery of medical tests, hospitalization, operation)

The patient undergoes paperwork through the hospital admissions department. Hospitalization of the patient is carried out in a single or double comfortable room.

Preparing the patient for surgery. In the absence of pathology and deviations from the norm in the results of the examination, the patient is hospitalized for surgery.

2-3 day (discharge)

The patient receives the necessary detailed recommendations from the attending physician. Registration of discharging documents.

The described surgical treatment program may vary depending on the individual health status of each woman in consultation with a specialist doctor.

Obtaining of the results of a histological investigation the final diagnostic method and the basis for further treatment.

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