Cervix treatment

Radio-wave destruction of the cervix uteri – the destruction of the affected cells of the cervical epithelium using radio-waves. The radio-wave treatment method is successfully used for:

  1. Cervical erosion
  2. Cervical dysplasia
  3. Ectopia of the cylindric cervical epithelium
  4. Chronic cervicitis
  5. Cervical Leukoplakia
  6. Cervical Condyloma

What is a cervical radio-wave treatment?

Treatment of the cervix in Neo Skin. The basis of the radio wave method is the use of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. During the procedure, the doctor sends a beam of electromagnetic rays to the damaged area along the border of the focus and healthy tissue.

In the area of exposure, the temperature is so high that cells begin to evaporate from the surface of erosion. This factor is an important advantage of radio-wave coagulation – the absence of cut-off dead tissue or scab after the procedure that helps to avoid scarring and does not create a breeding ground for microbes.

Thus, the risk of scarring of the cervix and infectious complications is minimized. Acting of high temperatures with the radio-wave method “closes” (solders) the bleeding capillaries. Therefore, the wound heals much faster and after surgery, the patient is less concerned about bloody spotting.

After destruction, the wound surface is epithelized (overgrown) by healthy cells, i.e. recovery comes.

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