Endometrial polyps

Clinically, endometrial polyps are manifested by violations of the menstrual cycle, a change in the nature of menstruation (duration, profusion), the appearance of contact bloody spotting is possible.

In older women, after cessation of menstruation, single or repeated scanty bloody spotting from the uterus may occur.

Pain occurs rarely, with the development of necrotic processes and inflammation. Often, endometrial polyps are asymptomatic and detected by ultrasound investigation.

In case of identifying endometrial polyps, hysteroscopy is indicated, in case of relapse hysteroresectoscopy is indicated.


1 day (arrival, doctor’s appointment, delivery of medical tests, hospitalization, operation)

The patient undergoes paperwork through the hospital admissions department. Hospitalization of the patient is carried out in single or double comfortable room. Preparing the patient for surgery is conducted. In the absence of pathology and deviations from the norm in the results of the examination, the patient is hospitalized for surgery.

2-3 day (discharge)

The patient receives the necessary detailed recommendations from the attending physician. Registration of discharging documents.

The described surgical treatment program may vary depending on the individual health status of each woman in consultation with a specialist doctor.

The obtaining of the results of a histological investigationfinal is the final diagnostic method and the basis for further treatment.

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