Maternity health school

The main goal of classes at the «Health school for expectant mothers» is the formation of a positive attitude to motherhood, a thoughtful and conscious attitude to self-condition, the actualization and understanding by women the joys of motherhood, their own femininity, the formation and strengthening of a positive emotional connection between mother and child.

Classes are built on the principle of conversation, in which a dialogue is held between the psychologist and expectant mothers. The main topics are:

  1. questions of intrauterine development, parenting and baby tuition
  2. self-regulation, relaxation, breathing training
  3. working through fears and anxieties that arise during pregnancy and greatly complicate its normal course
  4. peculiarities of marital relationships during pregnancy
  5. constructive methods for resolving conflict situations
  6. parent-child relationships, preparation of the oldest child for the appearance of the youngest, individual psychological characteristics of children.

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