Training program of the "Third-generation Women’s Health School" for 2021

Training program of the "Third-generation Women’s Health School" for 2021

  1. Implementation of the program for the formation of a healthy lifestyle in the elderly and senile people. Pharmacokinetic features of drugs in geriatrics. Geroprotectors. Executors: heads of departments.
  2. Pathological climax, prevention and use of HRT. Executors: gynecologists-endocrinologists.
  3. Age-related changes in the anatomy of the mammary gland. Mammary gland cancer, early diagnostic methods, clinical puncture, prevention, treatment. Executors: radiologist R. Kirš.
  4. Prevention of cervical cancer, HPV vaccination. Executors: Doctor of cabinet of pathology of the uterine cervix L. Makiejeva.
  5. Sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression in perimenopausal patients. Executors: psychotherapist: I. Paŭlanskaja.

The dates of the health school are determined by the executors and the plan for the month is transmitted by them to the hospital departments. The heads of departments ensure the attendance of patients of the appropriate age at lectures.

Deputy head doctor in medical issues: L. Maŭryčava

Valeologist: A. Savaš

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