Training program of the "Maternity Health School" for 2021

Theme cycles

  1. Anxiety during pregnancy. Communication with the child before his birth. Breast-feeding. Contraception after childbirth. Family conflicts.
  2. Alcohol, smoking, narcotics and pregnancy. Nutrition during pregnancy. Anxiety during pregnancy. Precautions for pregnant women. Breast-feeding.
  3. The daily routine and hygiene of a pregnant woman. Smoking during pregnancy: risk to baby. Sports during pregnancy. Early and late toxicosis during pregnancy. First childbirth: what a pregnant woman should know.
  4. Parent-child relationship. Anxiety during pregnancy. Nutrition, sports during pregnancy. Undeveloped pregnancy. The daily routine and hygiene of pregnant women.
  5. Anxiety during pregnancy. Preparation for childbirth and breast-feeding. Communication with the child before his birth. Marital relationships during pregnancy. Appearance of a woman during pregnancy.

Executors: psychologist: V. Zujeva, valeologist: A. Savaš

Classes are held every Wednesday at 12:00 in the assembly hall of the City Gynecological Hospital.

Deputy head doctor in medical issues: L. Maŭryčava

Valeologist: A. Savašм

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