Department of outpatient surgery

Since January 3, 2011, the Department of outpatient surgery is organized in the City Gynecological Hospital. Since 2014, it has been reorganized in outpatient surgery beds (5 beds) in the structure of the admission department.

Outpatient surgery beds are designed to provide specialized highly qualified planned surgical care to patients who come to the admission department in accordance with the Resolution of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Belarus from 08.05.2013 N 40 «On approval of the instruction on the organization of medical care for patients with certain surgical diseases».

In the department, the patient undergoes all necessary diagnostic and treatment procedures and minor operations, in accordance with the approved protocols, on the day of admission. The patient is under the supervision of medical staff during office hours. The patient is discharged on the day of hospitalization, the time of discharge depends on the volume and complexity of the surgical intervention, as well as the type of anesthetic benefit. Upon discharge, the patient receives an epicrisis (the second copy is sent by MeDoc e-mail to a healthcare institution) and is sent home on his own.

In case of necessity of additional monitoring, treatment or examination of the patient in a hospital, it is possible to extend hospitalization for more than one day, for which reason the patient is transferred to the gynecological department of the healthcare institution "CGH".

Medical indications for referring patients to outpatient beds

Medical indications for hospitalization are determined in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Belarus N 891 from 26.08.2013 "On approval of the list of surgical interventions performed on an outpatient basis and in surgical departments (with a short stay of the patient)"

  1. Biopsy of the uterine cervix, vagina, vulva, endometrial aspiration biopsy;
  2. Removal of papillomas, condylomas, polyps and other benign formations of the vulva, vagina and uterine cervix;
  3. Extended colposcopy with biopsy (by scraping) from the cervical canal;
  4. Conization, excision, coagulation of the uterine cervix using electric, radio wave types of energy;
  5. The introduction and removal of funds for intrauterine contraception;
  6. Hysteroscopy, diagnostic micro hysteroscopy or with endometrial biopsy and polypectomy in case of a polyp size of up to 10 mm;
  7. Hysterosonosalpingoscopy using ultrasound investigation;
  8. Removing sutures from the postoperative wound of the anterior abdominal wall, perineum, uterine cervix;
  9. Introduction and removal of the obstetric pessary and uterine ring;
  10. Diagnostic surgical interventions: separate curettage of the uterine cavity and cervical canal, culdocentesis, polypectomy of the cervical canal and curettage of the cervical canal;
  11. Termination of pregnancy: medication-induced abortion up to 21 days delay from the day of the expected menstruation.

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