Heavy snow, blizzard and snow drifts are expected in Minsk

11 February 2021

According to forecasters, intense snowfall, blizzard, snow drifts on the roads are possible in Minsk.

Recommendations of the Ministry of Emergencies in case of heavy snow and blizzard are:

  • if possible, refrain from traveling, do not go outside;
  • put the car in the garage, park it away from trees; bypass rickety buildings on the street and houses with an unstable roof;
  • avoid trees, high-risk structures (bridges, overpasses, pipelines, power lines), parts of structures, objects hanging over buildings;
  • close windows, doors, trapdoor and vents; remove things from the balconies.

If you are on the road:

  • drive only on high roads and highways;
  • stay within sight of the vehicle when leaving it.

In the event of a vehicle malfunction or very poor visibility:

  • turn on the hazard warning lights;
  • stop at the side of the road;
  • wait for help in the car;
  • leave the engine running with the glass open to provide ventilation and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

In case of an emergency, please call "101" and "112".