Vitalij V. Miatlicki, Obstetrician-gynecologist of the healthcare Institution "City Gynecological Hospital", was awarded the title "Best obstetrician-gynecologist 2020"

28 September 2020

Women often think that it is embarrassing to approach men with intimate problems. And in vain, says Vitalij Miatlicki, an obstetrician-gynecologist of the City gynecological hospital. He has told about his profession to the correspondent of the agency "Minsk-News".

Vitalij remembers his mother Tacciana Michajlaŭna in a white coat from early childhood. She worked as a pediatrician in the maternity hospital in Brest, and later in one of the city polyclinics. In total, she devoted 35 years to her beloved work.

Looking at my mother, I also wanted to take care of people. Help them cope with ailments, save human lives, – the young doctor says. – I studied in the physics and mathematics class, but in the graduation class I finally chose my future profession: I decided to follow my mother's footsteps.

I easily entered the Viciebsk state medical university and graduated with an honors diploma.

I assisted in endoscopic operations at the graduation course, and that time I chose that my specialization is gynecology, – Vitalij notes. – I interned at the Brest maternity hospital. By the way, I always think back about it with warmth. There I met my soulmate Aliena. The wife is also a doctor, she is a pediatrician-neonatologist.

After the residency, Vitalij went to work on distribution in Luniniec.

In the regional hospital I was doing ultrasound examinations, operations, delivering babies, – the interlocutor continues. – I especially remember one case: I went to a woman in labor in a remote village via an ambulance. The expectant mother, a young woman of 30–35 years old, had profusely bleeding. The situation was critical, the responsibility was colossal:  the woman had two more children! The woman was saved. Both mom and baby were fine.

Two years later the future winner of the capital's professional skill competition moved to his wife in Baranavičy.

2-3 babies were born per shift in Luniniec, and in Baranavičy their number reached 15, – the doctor recalls. – Of course, I wanted to improve myself, so I worked and at the same time studied in a clinical residency on the speciality "Obstetrics and gynecology".

V. Miatlicki admits: while working in regional hospitals, he gained invaluable experience. But most importantly, he found himself in the profession. He learned to make decisions on his own, to take responsibility. In a word, he was formed as a doctor.

Miatlickija family has been living in Minsk for the past five years.

I have radically changed both my life and specialization, – the interlocutor says. – There is a City center of endometriosis in the hospital, so now I perform complex minimally invasive operations related to gynecological pathologies, primarily with the treatment of endometriosis.

According to V. Miatlicki, this dangerous disease gets younger every year. Women who have not yet become mothers suffer from it more and more often.

Performing laparoscopic operations, I always feel a huge responsibility, – the interlocutor admits. – It is important for me not only to cope with pathology, but also to preserve the reproductive functions of a woman – to give her the opportunity to bear and give birth to a baby. Therefore, I treat each patient with great trepidation. I sympathize, support them with their problems. I want everything to be good.

The wife and two children wait for Vitalij at home. The eldest son Michail is 7 years old. The youngest Andrej is only 7 months old.

My house is my castle, – the interlocutor admits. – After work, I try to help my wife with household chores, play with children – this is how I restore strength and mental balance. Where do I get my energy? I am charged with positive emotions walking around the city and relaxing with my family outdoors. I try to find good in everything and tune my patients to a positive mood. After all, with good thoughts, everything is on the shoulder.

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The Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee awarded Vitalij Miatlicki the title "Best obstetrician-gynecologist 2020".

Photo by Siarhiej Lukašoŭ