A festive event for children

16 September 2020

A festive event for students of educational institutions of the Kastryčnicki district of Minsk was held in the Minsk State Children and Youth Centre for Tourism and Ecology as part of the campaign «Children are in the spotlight!».

A sea of ​​positive emotions, a forest of incredible trials and a tsunami of exciting tasks waited for the children at the holiday, which was held in the form of a quest game. After participants were divided into groups and received route sheets, each team had to conquer numerous thematic stations: «Ministry of Emergencies», «Tourist», «Ecological», «Dancing», «Nature Researchers», «Musical», «Station of Regional Studies», «Informational», «Cycle Lane». Thematic tasks were prepared for the students at each station. Students had to complete tasks accurately and then boldly go for new knowledge via the route sheet.

All participants of the event together overcame a lot of difficulties, coped with all the tasks and received keepsaking prizes. And in the end they became part of a large dance flashmob and danced together with representatives of the center.