Kastryčnicki district. Happy to the rescuers

15 September 2020

Employees of the Kastryčnicki district emergency department continue to hold open days at the base of the fire unit as part of the campaign «United safety day!».

At the beginning of the events the children were told about the rules of safe behavior, held a quiz, made riddles about life safety and repeated emergency phone numbers. In turn, the boys and girls correctly answered the questions of the Ministry of Emergencies inspector, reasoning why this or that situation is dangerous.

Everyone could assemble puzzles with the characters of the cartoon «Magic book», feel like a real young rescuer, try on elements of a firefighter's combat clothing and, of course, take a photo for memory. The highlight of the excursion was that everyone was able to visit and plunge into the world of the fire service: get acquainted with the technique and equipment, visit the special vehicles and see how the everyday life of the rescuers goes.

In the end the children received bookmarks from the Ministry of Emergencies which will tell them the basic «5 steps of rescue» in case of a fire.