Kastryčnicki district. On the security route in the capital and beyond

29 June 2020

Employees of the Kastryčnicki district emergency department posted fire-prevention stickers on the sides and in salons of public transport – small city buses of the «BMN» company.

The main activity of the LLC «BMN» is regular and irregular passenger traffic in Minsk and Minsk region, because passenger transportation today is a high-demand service. Without this service it can be difficult to do for the professional activities of a large organization, leisure planning and other events. So, the transport base, located on Kazinca street in the capital, has its own park of 19 units, what makes it possible to reserve buses. So now, it will be possible to see the vehicle with the symbolics of the Ministry of Emergencies in the following areas of activity:

  • delivery of customers to hypermarkets in Minsk
  • delivery of employees to the place of work
  • picnic trips and nature trips

Rescuers hope that thanks to this informal way of presenting information people will remember the rules of life safety at a subconscious level and, as a result, observe them.