Actions in case of insect and snake bites

29 June 2020

In summer time, there is a high probability of being bitten by mosquito bites, midges, wasps and bees in rural areas and the forest. It is better to have clothes for a country walk made of light fabric that cover the neck, arms and legs as much as possible. Bright and dark colors attract insects more. It is necessary to apply a special bug spray on open areas of the body. You should not use perfumes, cologne, hair spray: their aroma attracts stinging insects. You should not walk barefoot, especially where clover grows.

Do not come close to a swarm of bees, wasps and bumblebees without special clothes and do not make sudden movements at all being near to these insects. Do not wave your arms, head, do not run. If a bee, wasp or bumblebee sit on your hand, just try to brush away the insect with your other hand. Pre-light plates, spirals from mosquitoes, midges and other insects in the room where you will sleep. If a bee has stung you, it is necessary to ​​quickly remove the sting, apply cold to the site of the bite. In case of an allergic reaction or severe edema, immediately call for help in a medical institution.

To minimize the possibility of a poisonous snake bite, you must:

  • consider any snake to be poisonous intentionally;
  • do not try to catch a snake, push it to the ground – this applies both to adult and to the young specimen that had just hatched from the egg – they are equally poisonous; 
  • give a snake the opportunity to crawl away, do not kill it;
  • move in the daytime, avoid dense thickets, tall grass, overhanging branches;
  • carefully inspect the route;
  • carefully study the place of the upcoming overnight stay, camp;
  • use rubber shoes, boots;
  • do not walk barefoot in the habitats of snakes;
  • constantly monitor the actions of the snake, do not make sudden movements, do not provoke the snake to attack;
  • avoid movement at dusk or night;
  • use clothes made of thick fabric, a long stick for path reconnaissance and protection from snakes;
  • shake off bedding and clothes after sleep;
  • use mustard to scare snakes away;
  • in snake-dangerous places, it is necessary to have an antidote serum, a syringe, to be able to use it, to know the dosage;
  • know the methods of first aid for the victim;
  • know the characteristic habitats of snakes, their habits.