Special attention to relaxation near the water!

29 June 2020

Special attention to relaxation near the water!

One of the problems during swimming is a sense of proportion, which many people lose. This leads to hypothermia in the body. Water with a temperature of at least 18 degrees with a plus sign and clear, windless weather (from 25 degrees Celsius) is considered comfortable for swimming. 

A fairly frequent occurrence during bathing is a cramp. When you feel that your leg is cramped, the main thing is not to lose yourself. You need to take a deep breath and dive into the water with your head. Then firmly grasp the big toe and pull the foot toward you until the leg is fully straightened. After that, it is best to swim to the shore.

Another danger is a whirlpool. To get out of it, you need to take as much air into the lungs as possible, dive into the water and, having made a jerk in the direction of the stream, float to the surface. If you are caught in a strong stream, do not swim against it, get ashore. There are frequent cases when a person gets entangled in seaweed while swimming. Coping with the thickets is easy – keeping afloat, you need to calmly pull up your legs and carefully get rid of them.

If you realize that you are starting to sink, you should try to roll on your stomach or back, spread your arms and legs as wide as possible. Lying on your back, you need to breathe slowly and deeply. And to take a new breath while lying on the stomach, you should raise the head and then exhale into the water. You can stay afloat if you rake water with your hands under you. Thus, after having a little rest, you need to get to the nearest shore.

If you see a drowning person, the first thing you need to do is to call people around you or rescuers for help. You can throw a lifebuoy or a rope with a knot at the end. If you swim well, you can get to the poor swimmer yourself. Approaching the drowning man, grab him by the shoulders from behind and swim with him back. Avoid attempts when the drowning man is trying to grab hold of you. If the drowning man is unconscious, then he should be dragged ashore with your hand under his chin in order that his face is constantly being above the surface of the water. Then you need to call an ambulance and begin to provide first aid.

It is prohibited to:

- swim and dive in prohibited and unknown places;

- swim behind boundary and warning signs;

- swim in a state of alcohol intoxication and during a thunderstorm;

- jump into the water from dams, boats, marinas, rafts;

- allow pranks associated with diving;

- give false distress signals;

- move in a boat while boating;

- use boards, logs, air mattresses, car cameras and other means for swimming.

Drowning is one of the causes of infant mortality in the summer. Water procedures for babies should take place in strictly designated places and  must be obligatory controlled by adults. Don’t let the children swim on their own! Teach them how to swim and observe safety measures!