Gynecological department №3

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Iĺjuk Žanna Mikalajeŭna

Head of III gynecological department

Gynecological department №3 is the department of operative gynecology, including reconstructive plastic surgery, in which laparotomy (abdominal) and vaginal operations are performed (2nd floor of the hospital’s resuscitation unit).

On the basis of the gynecological department №3, high-tech organ-preserving operations are performed:

  • reconstructive plastic surgeries on the uterus with metroplasty;
  • plastic surgery on the cervix and vagina;
  • complete reconstruction of the pelvic floor (in case of full or incomplete prolapse of the uterus) using a synthetic mesh allograft with vaginal access;
  • plastic surgery for urinary incontinence using a mesh allograft.

For a comfortable stay of patients in the hospital, on the basis of the three gynecological departments, 9 highly comfortable rooms are equipped (in each gynecological department there are 3 highly comfortable rooms: 2 single and 1 double).

Head of the gynecological department №3 – Iĺjuk Žanna Mikalajeŭna – obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest qualification category.