Physiotherapeutic cabinet

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Makaranka Tacciana Ŭladzimiraŭna

Functional diagnostics doctor (1st qualification category)

Physiotherapeutic cabinet – a wide range of physiotherapeutic procedures contributing to the rehabilitation after diseases and operations is performed here:

  • electrical treatment (diadynamic therapy; general, local galvanization; amplipulse therapy; local, cavity magnetotherapy; fluctuorization);
  • light treatment (laser therapy, magnetic percutaneous laser therapy; magnetic laser radiation; treatment with visible infrared radiation (general, local) using the Bioptrone apparatus);
  • ultrasound therapy, ultraphonophoresis;
  • ultrasound inhalations.

Here you can go through the electrophoresis procedure using mud of Saki Lake «Biol» for the treatment and prevention of infertility.